In-Class Workshops

LYHEP experts are trained to perform a series of in-class workshops. Teachers donate their class time to allow the experts to teach college-related topics, including:

1. Educational System in the United States (students and parents)

a. Elementary-High School

2. College 101 Part I (students and parents)

a. Understanding the options
b. Reviewing the requirements

3. College 101 Part II

a. Choosing the best college for you
b. Creating the list

4. College 101 Part III

a. How to apply (applications)
b. Reviewing the requirements

5. The Personal Statement

a. What to expect
b. How to build a strong essay

6. Financial Aid Part I (students and parents)

Overview of
b. TAP
c. CSS Profile
d. Scholarships

7. Financial Aid Part II (students and parents)

a. Applying
b. A walk through the applications
c. Scholarships application process

8. How to succeed in College

a. Transitioning from High School to College
b. What to expect

Please note: workshops listed on this page have a cost associated with them. Interested schools or CBO’s, please email Diana Araujo, our VP Assistant of Education¬†at and CC John Moreno-Escobar at

**All workshops are bilingual and are delivered by experts, NOT volunteers.**